Today is our 38 week mark, only 14 days left! It is so crazy to think he could come any day now. I am just about to head to my doctors appointment and thought I would post a quick update. Haha thank you to all who commented on my 37 weeks post with advice on how to induce labor. Really the only time I am uncomfortable is at night, not sleeping very well which many have told me it's good preparation for when he is here cause my sleeping will not get any better. :) SO... I've decided to be more patient. Because he will come when he is good and ready and we will have all the time in the world to get to know one another then. It's amazing how much love I already feel for this little ninja. I can't imagine how much that love will grow when I actually see his face and hold him in my arms!
And to all my friends who are prego as well I hope you are enjoying it! I know some of you are not, and that is a bummer. It can be rough and I hope it gets better for you. For those who are like me and at the end, GOOD LUCK!! I love you all! YAY BABIES!!



Baby Bash!!

My sweet mother-in-law Sheri, and 2 awesome sisters-in-law Sarah and Stacy, threw me a baby bash this last weekend and they did such a cute job! The theme was "Baby Jungle" and everything was perfect! BIG THANKS to them for the amazing job they did! And BIG THANKS to all who came and were so generous with the gift giving! Our little ninja is one spoiled little boy already! Here are some fun pics of the event!
Mom Alme made me the cutest Diaper Cake!

Sarah and Laura were the record keepers for who gave us what and also read aloud the Baby Birth Prediction cards that every guest filled out. There were some predictions that if anyone of them came true I'd be one happy mama. AND there were some that will make me miserable!

37 WEEKS & 2 DAYS!!

Here are finally some more belly pics! I can't believe that we only have 3 weeks (hopefully less, probably more) left! Crazy!! At my last Dr. appointment the doc checked me and I was not
dilated or effaced one bit! :( Bummer! I was hoping to hear that my body had started to prepare for labor... nope! :) So... I am going to rely on some "help". Warning, going to get a little personal...
My sister told me about this natural supplement called Red Raspberry that is supposed to assist in thinning and softening the cervix. Any thoughts from anyone who has heard of this
product and/or has tried it? Or does anyone have any other suggestions to help drive along the process? Advice is always welcome! Ok, here are the pics! Enjoy the belly! :)