Hudson the hurricane

Yes... I said hurricane. Haha our little Hudson is a ball of energy that LOVES ripping through the kitchen cabinets and his toy boxes. He is a joy a

nd a TERROR! :) Haha we have so much fun with him. It is hard to believe that he is almost 1 year old!
Here are some pics from Christmas to the present, no pun intended. :) He was not as interested in ripping open the presents as we thought he would be but when he got a look at each present he was fascinated with it... until the next one got opened.
:) He was spoiled and loves all of his presents.
We have also taken up a family tradition of bowling every Saturday morning... 1 games at the local bowling ally... can't beat that! Hudson tries to pick up the balls, it's so funny cause he grunts and grunts and then gives up.

Bed head.... he woke up in the morning sportin this hairdo. He's woken up with some pretty great looking hair... we think he styles in his sleep.

The end.

Baby Bump Update

18, almost 19 weeks and feeling great! Ha I have definitely gained more weight early on with this pregnancy, thanks to Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the yummy treats right at my fingertips! :) So in the pictures I am about to post I definitely look bigger than I should be for being only 18 weeks along BUT hey, I'm fat and happy! :) Our ultrasound date is set for Jan. 31st and we are so excited!!! Christopher has been calling the baby Steve, he doesn't have any idea what the sex is, he just thinks it's funny. I sure hope he doesn't keep that up if we find out it's a girl. With that being said, we have decided
that it would
be fun for Hudson to have a little brother to buddy around with, however we would LOVE to have a little girl too SO just a healthy baby is the wish of our hearts!

17 weeks 18 weeks

As you can see... the belly is growing... FAST!!!