The wait it over! The wait to find out what we're having that is!

This morning was our anatomy ultrasound appointment! We are very excited to announce that we are having a strong and healthy little BOY!!!!!! He was a little bit cramped in there, the doctor says he is measuring about 2 weeks bigger than he should be, no doubt thanks to my tall husband! :) He had his hands covering his face but we were finally able to get a shot of it! Everything was as it should be and he looks great! When it came time to find out what it was he wouldn't move his legs and let us see but the doctor finally got him to "open up" haha and it was a clear shot!! Haha we think that's why he was covering his face with his hands, little guy was embarrassed to be on display!!
Now all we have to do is decide on a name for our little ninja! We unfortunately have more girl names that we like so it's time to switch gears and come up with his name! We have a couple that we kinda like but are not set with one yet. Anyway, just thought I would share our happy news with all of you! Pictures will come as soon as I can figure out how to get them onto my computer!


18 Weeks Baby Bump!

Here are some more pictures! I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregos now and feel like I am way bigger than I should be! :) Things are going great though! I'm loving being pregnant! I don't have much else to say. We find out the sex of the baby in a week and a half and we are SO EXCITED!! I'll let you all know what it is when we find out! :) YAY!!

Baby Mama


The love of my life... what a wonderful father he will be

The other night my husband and I were laying in bed catching up on the last season of lost when he did the cutest thing! He slowly leaned over and gently rested his head on my stomach. I smiled and asked "what ya doin?". He replied "I'm listening for the baby's heartbeat". Then he told me to stop breathing so he could listen. Haha it was one of those moments that made me realize just how much I love this man that is my husband. He's done many little heartwarming things like that recently so I've decided to start carrying around my camera EVERYWHERE we go. Even when we're just chillin watching tv. Hopefully there will be pictures to go along with the rest of my posts. :)


Frequenting the porcelain throne

When we first got married my husband used to make fun of how often I needed to use the restroom. I wasn't that bad, I just drink a lot of water so I have to pee a little more often than he does. Haha, now that I am 16 weeks pregnant he just laughs at me. This morning is a perfect example of the blissfulness that is being pregnant and frequenting the porcelain throne! My car was having issues so we took it into the shop a couple days ago. It was ready for pick up so my husband drove me down to get it this morning. We got to the shop a few minutes before it opened and of course... I need to use the restroom. So he drives me down the street to the 7-11. We get back to the shop and not 2 minutes later I NEED to go again! Luckily the shop is open by now so we run in and as Christopher is paying I use the ladies room. When I get out he says "seriously? How is that possible?" Haha I just laughed and told him to get used to it! I've got 5 1/5 more months of this! As annoying as it is, it puts a smile on my face! I can't help but just enjoy all the little changes my body is going through with pregnancy! Now that I'm past the "morning" sickness that is! :)

Maegan - mother to be!!