27 WEEKS!!!!

I am 27 weeks prego today and feel great!!! I don't have any pics at this time but I will get on that asap! I was just sitting here feeling our little ninja move and stretch and kick and needed to share my love and excitement! I know that I have said it before but I just can't get over how much of a miracle child birth is. And I can not wait to be a mother! And I am so excited to see Chris as a father! He is going to be so amazing! Haha everyday when I get home from work his hands go straight to my belly with a smile on his face! I love it! I love him! I am truly blessed! :)


Happy Halloween!!

Chris and I decided to spend Halloween up in Idaho with the Hone's this year! It was a very fun weekend full of tricks and yummy treats!! Kendel, Allie, and Reese got all dressed up in their cute little costumes and they looked SO CUTE!!!!! First we stopped by their ward Trunk or Treat/Halloween Carnival where the girls showed off their cuteness and got an excellent start on their candy stash! Then it was time to hit the streets of IF with Brad's cousins kids. Brad had the brilliant idea of borrowing a wagon from his boss and pulling the girls around on it from street to street. The girls loved it! And it made things go A LOT faster! Haha! We would pull them to the beginning of a street or culdesac and they would jump out and run from house to house yelling "trick or treat" followed by and big "thank you". Then they'd get back in, and we'd head to the next street! Brilliant Brad, just brilliant! It was a chillie evening so it was nice to not have to be out there forever! The girls were so excited the entire night though and even though they ate as they went and were hopped up on sugar for the most part, they pooped out after we got home. Ha, so did we! Over all, it was a fun weekend! Thanks Hones! Here are some fun pics from the weekend! And I apologize for the blurriness of some pictures, they were taken on my phone! :) Enjoy!!

I had to add this one!
Jordan and Brooke dressed Wyatt up as Mickey Mouse for Halloween and I had to share the pic because he was just so dang cute!!