So I decided that I need to do a better job of posting on this thing. Not really for whoever reads this but mostly because it is an easy way for me to keep a journal of life's happenings. New goal? Check!!
Today is all about cravings! Haha a lot of people have asked me what, if any, crazy cravings I have had with my pregnancy. I have had a few cravings but i can't really say that any of them are crazy. There is the usual pickles craving but... I've been obsessed with dill pickles my whole life so that's nothing new. Ice cream... yes PLEASE!! But again, nothing new for me. :) Chocolate, sweets in general... was born with a sweet tooth! I would have to say that my biggest craving has been french fries! Wendy's, McDonald's, In'n'out, Sonic... OH SONIC!!! Haha their chili cheese fries are pure bliss for me! I have been taking extra care to get plenty of vegetables and fruit in my diet as well so that this baby isn't just getting crap from me but I definitely can't live without those fries! :)
now for the foods that I haven't really been able to eat. Meat in general hasn't sounded good to me. And it's not that the smell or anything makes me sick. It just hasn't sounded good. Chinese food is another thing. Threw that one up too many times for it to be appealing anymore. I'm hoping that won't last forever cause I really like chinese food! And meat!! Haha Chris is a little frustrated with this because that makes it difficult to plan dinners for ourselves but really we still make meat for him to eat, I just don't eat it. Fish on the other hand, I can still do fish! So that's good I guess.
Anyway, that is my update for the day. if any of you reading this have any fun cravings now that you're pregos, or had any when you were pregos, please share! i love hearing others stories!



Miraculous Moments

On August 4th at my last doctors appointment I experienced something that I find hard to describe with mere words. Using a small machine called a Doppler (I think) I was blessed to hear our baby's little, rapid, and healthy heartbeat! Tears instantly came to my eyes and I was overcome with joy! Truly miraculous! Christopher unfortunately was not able to be there and so wished he could have been. I passed on the experience as best I could with words but I don't think I did it justice. Each one of these little amazing moments I experience tugs so hard on my heartstrings and leaves me breathless and speechless. I feel so blessed to be experiencing this miracle of life inside me. Haha every time I throw up or don't feel great or have a pain in my lower abdomen Chris says "I'm sorry"! And I say "It's not your fault". He just flashes his brilliant smiles and says "well yeah! It really is"! Haha he has been so amazing through this process and he is so excited to meet our little ? when he/she comes. We are still having the debate on whether or not we will find out the sex of the baby but I think I am slowly pulling him over to the side of finding out the sex so we can be prepared and just plain excited for the little lady/gentleman. Our next appointment is Sept. 2nd. More updates and miraculous moments to come I'm sure! :)



13 Week Baby Bump!

So I got this idea from one of my friends blogs and thought it would be fun. My pictures just look like I'm fat! There is hardly a bump from the baby. I'm sure it's just all those french fries that I've been craving and consuming that is making me get bigger! Haha hopefully that will change soon though and people will be able to tell that I'm expecting instead of just plain gaining weight. I have also included our baby's first pic. At our very first doctors appointment the doctor did a vaginal ultrasound and it was amazing! We could see the little peanut so clearly! WOW!! One of my top 5 life moments! Top 3... hearing it's little fluttering heart beat at our last appointment! Priceless! How can I already love someone so much?! This little person is going to be SO loved! :)



Well, I am sorry that I haven't posted anything for a while but I don't think there are a lot of people reading this so really, it's jut for my benefit. BUT Christopher and I have some big BIG news! We are expecting our first baby!! That's right we are going to be parents. SCARY thought! We couldn't be more excited and nervous, but mostly excited! I am 12 weeks along, so just reaching the end of my first trimester. And am still feeling/throwing up the consequences. :) For those of you wondering, we are hoping for a boy but will be extremely happy with either flavor. WOW, I can't believe we're going to be parents! Any advice for first timers is VERY MUCH welcome! AND any secrets on places that have deals/discounts on baby essentials would be much appreciated as well.

Well! Feel free to chare your excitement with us! Love you all!