Alme Family Update!!

So I am ashamed to say that it has been an embarrassingly long time since my last post. I have been taking millions of pictures of Hudson and we even took our first official family picture so this post will be full of recent pics.
Some things that have happened since February...
*Hudson had his 2 month well-child appointment and he was a champ!! At the appointment he received his immunizations, 3 shots in his legs and 1 taken orally. He cried so hard when the shots were given but thankfully the nurse was so fast that it was over in 2 seconds. Then he was in my arms and totally fine! He was a true champ! Haha and I must say that I was too. It was so hard for me to see him in pain! If he hadn't been such a champ I don't think I would have handled it too well. He didn't have any adverse reactions to the shots and only needed one day of infant Tylenol. He's a tough little ninja. :)
*Another big event we had was Hudson's baby blessing! Sunday March 27th Christopher gave Hudson the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard! :) My parents, aka Oma and Opa, flew in for the blessing, it was so nice to have them here. My friend Abby Kacher was able to write down most of it too which I am SO thankful for!! Haha cause I was a blubbering mess through it so there was no way I could have written it down. Thank you Abby!! It was so special to hear Christopher up there relaying the blessing that our Heavenly Father wanted Hudson to have. It was a testimony enriching moment to say the very least. I am one blessed gal to have a husband that worthily holds the priesthood and is an incredible example for our son. :) Pure happiness. After the blessing my in-laws hosted a brunch and it was fun to be surrounded by family and friends who we love so much! And on a very mentionable side note... my dad has been working so very hard on being more healthy and has lost over 50 pounds with the help of a program called Medifast! I am so proud of him!! He looks phenomenal!! See pictures below.
*Earlier this month some friends of ours Cody and Tayna Holker invited us to go the Saturday night game of the Twins home opening weekend against the Athletics. It was Hudson's first baseball game and he did so good! They had their little boy Eli, who is almost 1, with them too and he was adorable! Over all the boys where great, and we had fun cheering on the Twins!
*And last but certainly not least we just had a wonderful Easter weekend with family celebrating our Savor's resurrection. On Saturday Christopher and I took Hudson over to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny and have his picture taken... haha SO CUTE!!! I haven't scanned it onto my computer yet but when I do I will upload it and share it with all of you.
Our son is growing so stinking fast. He is not yet 3 months old, has blown right through his 3 month clothing and is now fitting comfortably in his 6 month clothes. And he has the chubby cheeks to match his belly! :) Here are some update pictures of our little man! He is just SO STINKIN CUTE!! :) I have a video of him playing on his play mat... he grabbed his toy!! And I tried to upload it but our internet is eh stinky so it wouldn't work. Haha it is so fun to see him develop and grow!! I am amazed everyday at what he continues to discover and do! When he is awake he is so alert and attentive and smiley!! It is so fun!
He has the brightest eyes! They are a blue brown color right now... we still have no idea what they are going to be cause every day they look different. But they are big and bright and beautiful!!
He has recently discovered a love for sealing fans hahaha. It is hilarious! If we are in a room with a sealing fan he finds it. He stares at it a giggles, it is so funny! Ok, here are the pics, enjoy! :)


Birthday dinners and haircuts!

Since my birthday and the days following were occupied by our little love-bug Hudson, and a case of the flu, my in-laws decided to postpone my birthday dinner until we were ready to get out of the house! Well, come Feb. 19th we were ready for a night out!! We went to dinner at the fantastic restaurant of Wildfire here in Eden Prairie and it was delicious!! It was a night full of great company, scintillating conversation with loved ones, and oh so delicious food!! Hudson and I received some fantastic gifts from everyone including a MUCH needed full body massage at Sanctuary Salon and Spa from my wonderful husband! Thanks babe! I stinkin love you!
As the title states... I got a haircut today!! It was time for a change and I am LOVING my new look! I decided to stick with the blonde but chopped it SHORT again! What do you all think?!