Toddlers and potties

Hudson successfully used his Cars potty tonight. First try, he did it!!  He has been so excited about his new potty since Grammy bought it for him on yesterday (2.9.2013). He had just gotten out of the shower with Christopher so he was running around naked, which made it easy! I said, "Hey Hud, do you want to use the potty?!" And he excitedly said "YEAH!" He ran in to the bathroom, lifted the lid, plopped his cute little behind down and peed. Hahaha it was so awesome! I didn't think for a second that he was actually going to do it. He said "all done" and got up and ran off. Ha I looked in the potty and there it was... PEE!! :) My little man is growing up! I don't know if I am ready for this! YIKES!!


little hands can be a BIG HELP!

Hudson was my BIG little helper today! It was cleaning day here at our house... MUCH needed cleaning day! :) Hudson's favorite things to play with these days are the vacuum, or more specifically the attachments to it, and a broom! Sooooooo, what mom wouldn't take advantage of that and put the kid to work, I mean play! ;) While the kiddies were down for their naps I got most of the major cleaning done, the more toxic cleaning but once Hud awoke... he went to work... I mean play. :) He assisted me with vacuuming the entire house. And when we got done with that he helped me mop the kitchen floor. I tell ya, this kid is a BIG help for being such a little person. 
When we were all done I introduced Hudson and Jaxon to the art of building forts! We turned our family room into a magical world of blankets and pillows. It was their first experience building a fort and I think it went quite well! I unfortunately didn't take any pictures but there will be many MANY more forts in the future and I will have my camera handy then! 
Hudson also helped me give his brother a bath tonight. It was so CUTE I was sure to have Chris take some pics of this. I stinkin love my boys! Today was a good day! :) Thanks for all your big help Hud!


Pumpkin Patch!!

This time of year is enchanting! The changing leaves with the changing season. The cool air that just smells delicious. The first snow fall. I LOVE IT!! We took the boys to a pumpkin patch this last weekend and it was so fun. Hudson was so excited! Here are some fun pics!

Bed head

Hahaha Hudson wakes up with some of the BEST crazy bed head hair do's! I just had to document his do from yesterday morning. 


Toothbrushes and tractors

One morning while I was getting the kids clothes out Hudson decided to give Jax a little talk. I don't really know what it was about but I'm guessing it had something to do with his 2 favorite things... his tractor and his toothbrush! :) Thankfully my camera was close by. It's precious moments like these that make my day!


My blue eyed boy

 I can't believe I have a baby with blue eyes and I can't get enough of them!!

hudson the super hero

Christopher wanted to take Hudson camping... or the closest thing to it... a tent in Grammy and Pop-pop's backyard, :) This was Hudson preparing for the exciting night.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of them in the actual tent but I'm sure we'll have many more opportunities. :)