little hands can be a BIG HELP!

Hudson was my BIG little helper today! It was cleaning day here at our house... MUCH needed cleaning day! :) Hudson's favorite things to play with these days are the vacuum, or more specifically the attachments to it, and a broom! Sooooooo, what mom wouldn't take advantage of that and put the kid to work, I mean play! ;) While the kiddies were down for their naps I got most of the major cleaning done, the more toxic cleaning but once Hud awoke... he went to work... I mean play. :) He assisted me with vacuuming the entire house. And when we got done with that he helped me mop the kitchen floor. I tell ya, this kid is a BIG help for being such a little person. 
When we were all done I introduced Hudson and Jaxon to the art of building forts! We turned our family room into a magical world of blankets and pillows. It was their first experience building a fort and I think it went quite well! I unfortunately didn't take any pictures but there will be many MANY more forts in the future and I will have my camera handy then! 
Hudson also helped me give his brother a bath tonight. It was so CUTE I was sure to have Chris take some pics of this. I stinkin love my boys! Today was a good day! :) Thanks for all your big help Hud!

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