My Snuggle-Bug Dallas

Haha so tonight we were watching a movie and invited Dallas, my boxer, to come up on the bed to snuggle with us. She did not disappoint. Any time I am laying down and tell her to lay down next to me she does this...
Lays on or leans against my belly.
We had to capture it because it makes us laugh every time. She didn't really ever do this before I got pregnant. She would lay down next to me but not really on me. It makes me wonder if she knows that I am pregnant, or at least that my body is not in it's usual state.
Maybe she smells him. I don't know.
Either way, I just love it. Haha it can be a bit uncomfortable at times.
But it still puts a smile on my face.
I hope she will be good with our little ninja.


New Number

Hello everyone! My cell phone was a work phone and since I am done with work officially on Friday, I have to give it back. I got a new phone and new #. And I realized that it is not so smart to just be posting it for all to see like I did last time. So if you have not received my new number yet and would like it please send me and email at maegan.alme@gmail.com and I will gladly give it to you! AND I would like to take this time to apologize for the numbers that may be lost in the transition from one phone to the next. I have tried to update and sync my contacts to my gmail account but for some reason I still lost numbers... like my mom's for example! :) So again, I apologize if you call or text and I have to ask who you are. Thanks! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!


Baby Shower!!!

My friend of the best, Lacee Koelliker threw me a wonderful baby shower this last weekend! She and my sister in law Malia did a fabulous job with the food, fun, and games! The only thing I am upset about is that I didn't take for pictures! I only have these two. I am hoping that others took more and I can get copies!
Lacee made a fantastic spread of soup, salad, appetizers, and yummy desserts for the event! And Malia brought the games! We played a game where every guest got 3 clothes pins and had to try to stick them on my without me noticing. Look at my outfit... I wore the WRONG thing for this game! Haha everyone just simply attached them to the bottom of my dress with ease! Lets just say there were A LOT of winners at that game! We also played a fun game of matching words that had to do with having a baby to various candy bars... not as easy as I thought! The last game was hilarious! We each started with 10 sheets of paper and had to write a statement on the first sheet about me, my baby, or both. Then we passed our stack of papers to the left and that person had to draw a picture that depicted that statement, the next person wrote a statement that represented the picture, and so on until we ended up with our original stack of papers. We then shared the story and how our statement evolved as we interpreted each others drawings and statements! It was quite hilarious, I ALMOST peed my pants! :) Thank you to the Robisons for letting us use your house and thank you again to Lacee for putting it all together! You are the best friend anyone could ask for! :) And thank you to everyone who came and the gifts you brought for our little ninja! He is going to be so spoiled!! :)

Jess showing off my 31 week prego belly!

Hoyt Cousins Christmas!!!

First off, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my incredible Nonnie for all that she does for our family! She is so kind and generous and is the matron of our wonderful family! Secondly, another big THANK YOU to fantastic aunts Janice and Margo, AND to my wonderful cousin Amy for reserving the Mutual Dell Cabin for FREE!!! They worked hard in getting everything put together for the evening from the fun Christmas decor, and delicious food, to the awesome games and gifts we all received!
It is a long standing Hoyt Family Christmas tradition to have Mexican food at our Christmas parties! Thanks to Margo's brilliant idea of doing Cafe Rio catering... it was as delicious as ever and not a lot of work! After indulging in one too many shredded pork tacos (YUM!) the games and talents began! Nonnie, in her never ending generosity, supplied Christmas gifts for everyone! The great grandchildren went fishing for their gifts! And the adults had a fun game of gift card gift exchange! Some stealing and trading took place but I think over-all everyone ended up with a gift card they were happy with... well, for the most part (Sorry Sara!) :)
After the games we enjoyed some yummy Christmas treats and a fabulous display of talent from the family! Overall the evening was a huge success! Crafts and games, yummy food and fun conversation made the evening oh so fun! Here are some pictures I snapped of the fun! Thanks again everyone! I love you all and couldn't ask for a better group to call my family!
Merry Christmas!
Hoyt Dehart, the life of the dance party!

Little Livie Hoyt taking a rest for a quick second.
Trinity, Hadley, Lane, and Tara making some beautiful ornaments!
Saylor, Kaia, and Jovie making crafts! LOVE their smiles!
Grandma "Go-Go" with her grandbabies!
Me and Jason, I finally caught him!
Chris and Nonnie enjoying the evening.
Taryn fishing for her Christmas present!
The other kids waiting patiently for a turn to fish for a gift!
Jack fishing! Look at the million dollar smile! What a heart-breaker!
Rex taking his turn!
Showing off the fun gifts they got!
Kaia showing me her excitement for the lipgloss she got!
McKay, Robbie, Matt, and Chris
Maya's talent was lip singing Felice Navidad!!
She did a fabulous job!
Hadley playing the piano!
Lane playing the piano!
Jack was the little drummer boy! SO CUTE!!

Jovie shared her gymnastics with us. Trinity was a great spotter for her sister! Haha I love how Rex is watching with amazement!
Grace also shared her fantastic gymnastic skills!

Trinity played the piano!
The Dehart family did NOT disappoint with their lip singing and dancing to a Christmas mix!

Go Tyler, Go Tyler!!!

Hoyt's turn to show off his moves! That kid can dance! :) SO CUTE!!
The Steve Sansom family did a family Christmas song with Steve as a chipmunk!

Hoyt showing off his dance moves!

Nonnie got up and joined in the family dance party that we always end every family reunion with! 90 years old and still groovin to the music!!


30 Weeks!!!

Today I hit 30 weeks in my pregnancy! It's so weird to think that I only have 10 weeks or less (hopefully) left! Our little ninja is moving and kicking like crazy! One of my favorite things is to just sit and watch my stomach move and take funny shapes as he moves around in there. With the exception of the morning sickness I had the first trimester this pregnancy has been so easy! I mean I am definitely having my fair share of indigestion and gas (sorry if that's too much for some of you to know) but for the most part it's been wonderful! I LOVE being pregnant! Haha there are a couple things I will take time to complain about though...
1. My hips are growing right along with my ever expanding belly! I had a good set of hips before I got pregnant but now.... WOW!!! Haha I'm not too excited about that.
2. He has decided that the most comfortable position for him to be in is with one foot permanently lodged in my ribcage! NOT so comfortable for me unfortunately.
3. Occasionally I get REALLY HOT and my body feels like it can't breath. My hands start to puff up and so I have to take my rings off but that only happens every once in a while. I hope it doesn't become a full time thing.
And that's it!
No more complaints from me for now. I simply can't wait for this little guy to get here! It's crazy how much I love him already!
OH, and on the name topic... nothing yet. Haha we are starting to worry that he will be nameless for the first few weeks of his life. Still open to suggestions.
Enjoy the belly! :)

Night out with friends!

Last night we celebrated our friend Garrett Barfoot's birthday by joining him, his wife Alexa and a few other couples for dinner at Goodwood Barbecue Company! Delicious food and great company made for a fantastic evening! I knew just what I wanted to eat too... a 2/3 rack of Baby Back Ribs!!! YUM!! Chris got the brisket and I ate pretty much my entire meal and half of his! Haha red meat just hit the spot last night! I haven't really felt like eating much meat throughout my pregnancy so last night was a party! It was so good!!! Thank you Goodwood!! Here are some photos of the evening!