Pregnant Sisters!

On their way back up to Idaho from visiting my parents in Arizona, Danika, Brad and their cute little girls stopped to get gas in Draper so we met them at the gas station to say hello! All I really wanted was to get this pic with Dani though...
She is 33 weeks and I am 24 but we still look the same size. Haha I blame it on my sweater! :) It was definitely much needed to see them! It had been longer than sisters should have to go without seeing one another!
I checked in with Danika today to make sure they made it home safely and thankfully they did. She shared a cute story with me too. As she was taking her oldest, Kendel, to school this morning Kendel said "Mom, last night was fun"! Danika, confused, said "what was fun, the drive". And Kendel's reply... "No, seeing Chris and Maegan"! :) I just love those cut little girls! They warm my heart! Danika and Brad have decided that they are not finding out what this child is but I hope so badly that it is a boy! I would love for our little ninja to have a little buddy his same age to play with at family reunions and such.
Anyway, just thought I'd share! More pregnancy updates to come! :)

Baby Mama


My husband is official!!

I am one proud wife!!! :)

On Wed. October 13th at 12pm my husband stood amongst a group of fellow recent graduates of law school and took the Attorney's Oath for the state of Utah! If was so awesome to see Christopher stand as his name was called and raise his right hand in front of the Supreme Court of the District of Utah and be sworn in as an attorney! He has worked SO HARD for this day and I am so proud of him! I am also very thankful that our last name starts with the letter A too! Haha there were so many lawyers there taking the oath and they called them alphabetically to stand before taking the oath! His was the 4th name to be called so I was able to get a clear shot of him amidst the crowd!
All of his hard work and late nights have paid off and I couldn't be more grateful for a husband that is as dedicated and hardworking as he is! Well done babe!!
After the ceremony we decided to celebrate with some nice, big, juicy burgers, onion rings, and a chocolate shake to share from Carl's Jr. It was delicious!! :)


late nights can equal precious moments

So last night after Christopher and I had gotten ready for and were lying in bed something intoxicating happened. I felt our little ninja kick me for the first time! It was one of those life changing moments that we will NEVER forget! Chris was on his laptop and I was reading next to him when I felt it. The little monkey nudged my hand with his foot or hand and it was ever so tiny but I felt it! I told Chris that i thought the baby had just kicked me but that I wasn't sure and we both just kept on doing what we were doing. Then it happened again and I got more excited!!! I told Chris and he stopped what he was doing to try and feel it. He put his hand in the spot I told him I had felt it. I started poking around to see if I could get him to do it again and HE DID!! Hahaha Chris and I both started laughing and it was so amazing!!! Literally for an hour more we just sat there feeling him kick and nudge me like crazy! Haha I guess he didn't realize that it was sleepy time but I'm SO glad he thought it was play time because it was the biggest blessing to feel him dancin around in there! I have been getting so paranoid that I wasn't feeling him move enough and that something might be wrong... then the Lord blessed us with this wonderful hour of joy that left me with the most comforting feeling that he was growing and healthy like the doctor always tells me. I just need to trust in that.
I'm so thankful for these incredible moments of pure joy! I love my husband and am so excited to be expanding our family with the little boy. I can not wait to meet him... see his cute little face... and find out who he is and the personality he has. Haha Christopher and I do agree on one thing though... with a pair of crazies like us for parents, he is going to be a handful but incredibly fun! :)

More prego pics to come!

Conference Weekend

Last weekend was General Conference for us Mormons! And it was a fantastic weekend! Thanks to the wonderful Bro. and Sis. Jensen, Christopher and I got to go to the Sat. afternoon session of conference! It was Chris's first time in the conference center and even though we got there late and had to sit WAY at the top, it was still an incredible experience! After the session we met up with the missionaries that taught and baptized Christopher and it was fun to see them!
Overall a very nice weekend off to spend with my honey!


What does a good nights sleep even feel like?

I have forgotten!! What does a good, solid night sleep feel like?
This is really the only bad/hard thing that my pregnancy is giving me right now. Yes, I did have morning sickness for the first 4 months but that's over and done with and I feel fantastic with the exception that I CAN NOT GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP!! And unfortunately, neither can my husband because he gets woken up by my tossing and turning.

I have always been a back sleeper. So it's been a bit of an adjustment switching to sleeping on my side. I have tried a couple different things like putting a pillow between my legs to help with the comfort. And putting a pillow under one hip so that I'm not flat on my back and not completely on my side, just tilted enough to let the blood flow freely. Both work for an hour or 2 but then I get uncomfortable and need to change positions (this is when I wake up Christopher) which means that neither of us are getting a solid 6-8 hours in a row of sleep. I would LOVE to get one of these...

A full body maternity pillow, like the one featured in the movie The Backup Plan. But simply don't want to spend the money on one. Maybe it's worth it... I don't know. If you have used one during pregnancy and you think it IS worth it... PLEASE let me know!! Or if you have any advice on what more I can try to get a good nights sleep... I am all ears! Haha and Christopher would definitely appreciate it too!

Other than this little annoyance, this pregnancy has been so fun and exciting! Every little movement is so exciting! I haven't felt any big kicks or punches yet but I'm sure those will come shortly! My husband and I were talking the other day and just agreeing on what an incredible blessing this little guy is in our lives! We can not wait to meet him and discover his personality, who he's going to look more like, and who he's going to be! Just one more thing to be thankful to our Heavenly Father for in this life.

21 weeks and counting! :)