Last night Chris and I got the chance to go see Footloose the musical at Chanhassen Dinner Theaters. We HIGHLY recommend it! It was such a fun night and the actors played their roles so well! Seriously so much fun! I was hoping for a remake of Ren McCormick's(played by Kevin Bacon in the 1984 major motion picture) slam-dance warehouse scene. BUT sadly there was none. However in was full of some stellar dancing and they remade the movie into a great on stage musical! It was definitely a night to remember! Thanks mom and pop Alme for giving me such a fun and memorable birthday present! We love you! Here are some pictures of the original movie that I simply love! I mean, who doesn't love this movie?!


The LOVE of my life!!!

"The way you hold my hand, there is no other way".
I love you Christopher.
Will you be my forever valentine?



I am now 27, or... as my husband puts it... only 3 years away from 30! Haha, I had such an awesome birthday! It was full of heartfelt birthday wishes from all my friends and family, incredible expressions of love from my man, SNOW, and it lasted for about 4 days!!!
On Thursday, my actual birthday, I received some wonderful cards and presents in the mail. My best friend, who is WAY too good to me :), sent me a really cute shirt and some fun jewelry, and bet of all... a giant birthday cookie!!! Thanks Lace, you are the best!!! Later that evening my husband took me out to Olive Garden for dinner, which is one of my many favorite restaurants, and to see the movie The Princess and the Frog... SO GOOD!!! When we got home he used the giant birthday cookie to put candles in. He accidently bought a 2 and a 6 though (I think he wants me to stay 26 forever) so he fixed it by adding a matchstick as the 7th candle. It was perfect! :) He then surprised me by giving me a present that I so much wanted... music! Piano and guitar music by Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat! I stinkin love it!
On Friday I received more birthday cards and birthday $, YAY!!! Which I plan on pampering myself with.
And on Sunday we went over to my in-laws to watch the super bowl, and there was an angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream waiting for me! It is my absolute favorite and was so delicious! Let's just say it was one fantastic birthday week had by me!! Thank you to everyone who made it so amazing! :) Here are some pictures of the fun-ness!


Time and All Eternity

January 9th, 2010 will be a day that I will never forget. My husband took me to the Salt Lake temple and fulfilled a promise and a blessing that I have been striving and hoping for all of my life! At 10:20am we were sealed for time and all eternity and it was perfect. We were filled with unmeasurable joy! Our family, friends, and loved ones were all there with us and we couldn't have asked for a better day! Even though it was pretty cold outside, I couldn't feel it! I was full of joy and warmth and LOVE!! I LOVE THIS MAN! We have had this inseparable bond between us for SO long. A connection that was like non other, but now it feels like we are on a whole other level of together. I was trying to explain or describe it to my best friend but words are hard to find. Haha it is just incredible how we are even closer and more in love than ever now that we have taken this eternal step! It is truly awe inspiring to be in the temple, in the celestial room, with my better half! :) I love you babe! Thank you!!