Hurricane Hudson strikes again!!

WOW!!! Wow wow wow WOW wow WOW!! I know there are people in the world that are experiencing an ACTUAL hurricane at this time but boy am I dealing with one in my own way too! Words can not describe the whirl-wind of emotions that swirled through my body one morning a few days ago when Hudson decided to play a "trick" (we'll call it) on mommy. The morning had started a usual... I had gotten Hudson out of bed, immediately changed his over-filled diaper, and was in his room making his bed. Christopher was still in our bed cooing with Jaxon. I try very hard to remember to shut all of our bathroom doors when we are not using them because that is Hudson's favorite "off limits when mommy or daddy isn't in here with you" room to play in. This morning... I slipped and must have left the door to our upstairs bathroom open. Then... I hear the toilet flush... normally I wouldn't freak out. I would just go in, tell Hudson that toilets are not toys, and remove him from the bathroom. But a few days ago he put a magazine in our downstairs toilet and tried to flush it so my paranoia is now high when it comes to Hudson, the toilet, and ANYTHING in the surrounding area of it. SO, when I heard him flush the toilet this time my thoughts immediately turned to my earrings and WEDDING RING sitting on counter next to the toilet in our bathroom. RUNNING to the bathroom thinking no no no NO NO NO, I found Hudson standing next to the toilet, toilet almost done flushing, and my rings and earrings... GONE! Tears INSTANTLY welled up in my eyes. I turned to Hudson and asked if he flushed mommies jewelry. He started to giggle, because it's a game OF COURSE! And as he turned to try to run from me I caught a glimpse of something glimmering in his mouth. I snatched him up and gave him the command he is all too used to hearing "spit it out please"! He opened his mouth and out plopped my earrings, left hand ring, and ... my wedding ring. A wave of relief instantly ran though me. Haha I still couldn't stop the tears from coming though. And in the same instant I was asking Hud to spit out whatever it was into my hand I heard Christopher laughing in the bedroom. I walked into the room with Hudson and relayed the story to Christopher as if he hadn't just heard everything that happened. He continued to chuckle, "It's NOT funny", was my reply! I then started laughing tears STILL streaming down my face!
Last night as we were in our bathroom getting ready for bed, Christopher, with toothbrush in his mouth, pointed to my rings and earrings sitting in their usual spot on the counter and gave me a look that said "have you learned nothing?"! I quickly moved them to a higher, hopefully out of reach spot.


Date night!

My hot hubby + all you can eat sushi = one fun FILLING date! Tonight Grammy and PopPop watched the kiddos while Christopher took me out to the one place I have been dying to go since Jaxon was born... 98 Pounds Buffet, I think they named it after the average weight gained after one visit. Their food is SOOOOO GOOD!! Thank you Grammy and PopPop for taking care of our little monsters. And thanks for a fun night Christopher! Love ya baby! 
P.s. they had Craw Fish... first time ever trying them. I was a little nervous, but they were delicious!


splish, splash, & scrub scrub scrub

We looooooove bath time at our house! I'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

Jaxon has a fuzzy spell every night and we have discovered that THE ONLY thing that calms him down is a bath.

LOVE this pic!

jaxon dean alme

Sunday Aug. 19th was a very special day for our family. Christopher gave our baby boy, Jaxon Dean the most beautiful blessing. I am so grateful for a his worthiness and sensitivity to the spirit. I am at a loss for words to truly describe the love that I feel for this man! I love my Christopher. Thank you for being the incredible man, father, and husband that you are.
We are so blessed to have such wonderfully supportive family too! Christopher's whole family was able to attend the blessing and we are so thankful that they could be apart of this special day. 
 My parents, Oma and Opa Hoyt flew in for the special occasion and we are so grateful they were able to come! It was awesome to have them here and Hudson LOVED playing with his Oma and Opa.  He was sad to see them go. Literally, he cried when we dropped them off at the airport. :)
Family is the most important thing to us and it means so much to share times like these with them. Thank you for all of your support and love. After the blessing, Grammy and Pop-pop Alme hosted a brunch for us. Family, friends, and delicious food... it was a great day! Enjoy the pics! Hudson had a lot of fun with his friend Jarem, and I had fun capturing it on camera.

Our good friends the Tew Family, Mike, Karina, and Jarem

These boys had so much fun together.

Giving the stink-eye! 

I had to take a picture of Jarem whining because this is the first I've seen of it. He is always so  happy.
Hudson enjoying the beautiful day


Corn corn, I love corn!!

Tonight was our annual Eden Prairie Ward Corn Feed and boy was it DELICIOUS!! There is NOTHING like Minnesota grown corn! Soaked in butter, topped with a little salt... WOW!! Hudson certainly enjoyed it as well! He couldn't get enough! 
Good food, great company, a little football game to help get the digestion process going... who could ask for more?! WELL...we had a surprise visit... scroll to the bottom pics to find out who/what it was!

That's right... the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!! How awesome is this! Some members of our ward invited the drivers to stop by and enjoy some corn... and they did! They took pictures of everyone with the wienermobile and were great sports about it! There were a lot of us. It was 2 girls, that had just graduated from college and they were recruited to drive the wienermobile around for 1 year. It seems like a pretty decent gig if you are in a transition period like these young ladies were. They have all of their expenses paid for by the company so basically they just save up the pay, which they said was a pretty nice wage, and get to travel around the country for a year. I would have totally jumped at the chance had it been offered to me.