Tis the season!!

We have so much to be grateful for!
Our wonderful families.
A roof over our heads. Not the greatest place but a roof none the less.
Working cars. Sorta :)
The gospel of Jesus Christ.
A beautiful baby boy who keeps me running all day long.
AND... the growing baby in my tummy!
Yes, we are going to be having another little peanut!
Although I am NOT thankful for morning sickness, I don't mind it because it means that a precious life is growing and developing inside me.
We couldn't be happier.
Hudson is going to be an awesome older brother to his baby ?.
Happy Holidays everyone!
Much love from the Almes.


I'm baaaaaack! :)

Ok ok, so I have been pretty horrible with keeping up on this thing. Sorry. And that's it. :) Haha here is my update. It's going to be short and SWEET! Halloween came and went, and oh how CUTE was our little Hudson the Holstein cow. Just want to share a couple of the pics we took of him... he's growing up SO fast! Enjoy!