If someone would have told me that I would someday call myself a Cougar, I would have laughed and said "yeah right"! But, it is true, I am now wearing BLUE! As of March 31st, I am now an assistant coach for the women's volleyball team! I am super excited to have this opportunity and am so INCREDIBLY grateful for it! They wanted me to get started right away so that I could be around for the end of the spring season so I flew out leaving my loving and incredibly supportive husband in Minnesota to finish up his law schooling without me. I will be heading back out the end of April to get things cleaned and packed and officially move us out to Utah afer he graduates in mid-May. It has been difficult to be apart from him but like I said he has been the sweetest husband and couldn't be more excited for me and this job! I owe him BIG TIME!! I will definitely be happy to see him again in a couple of weeks. I will post more about our big move when the time comes but for now... I'm just happy to be here! :)