Moments that make you giggle

Yesterday (Sunday) I experienced a moment that made me giggle like a little kid. Pure joy! My son Hudson had a little accident at church... more like I neglected to change his diaper until it leaked through to his pants. Thankfully it happened at the very end of church so. Christopher changed him and just left his pants off as we headed out to the car. I got caught up for a moment longer chatting with someone and when I got outside there was my little boy standing in the middle of the parking lot... white shirt, tie, diaper, and shoes... looking so STINKING cute! He turned, saw me, let out a little giggle and turned to run the other direction. Christopher then proceeded to chase him through the parking lot and finally caught him. We laughed for a good long time about that as we drove home. I love my little boy! SO wish I had my camera on me to snap a quick pick but Christopher quickly reminded me that it wasn't the first time and definitely won't be the last. I'll get a pick eventually. :)