Precious Moments

I had a precious moment with my 16 month old last night. It was my turn to put him to bed so we got our sippy of milk, found his favorite blanket, and marched up stairs to the rocking chair. I sit down and he settled in on my lap with his milk and blanket. As I was rocking and singing his lullaby to him he all of the sudden stopped drinking, turned to face me and gave me a kiss. Then he went right back to his sippy and blanket. With tears in my eyes I simply continued singing his lullaby and rocked him just a little longer than usual to saver the moment. My sweet, sweet boy is full of love. Love for his Mama and Daddy. And love for his new baby brother Jaxon. He is such a good boy and I love him like crazy. It's moments like these that make being a parent SO worth it.

picture of a proud papa

I think my husband was the happiest/proudest papa this fathers day! I'm so thankful to be married to such a wonderful man and loving father. Checkout this cute pic of my handsome boys!