A little visit to the state of potatoes!

So last month, Hudson and I got the chance to go to Idaho to stay with my sister Heather's kids while her and Tom took a vaca! It was great to see Brandon, Katey, and Chase and spend some time with them. It had been FAR too long since we'd seen them. We also got to spend some much needed fun time with Danika and her family. I miss them so stinkin much!! Hudson and Kylan had a fun time together. Haha they even engaged in a little wrestling match. They are so stinkin cute together. COMPLETELY wish we lived closer. Some day. :) Here are the pics from the trip.Hudson LOVED staring out the window on the plane ride out.
Reece, my cute neice.

Kylan, "Ky-Ky"

These pics are not the greatest, they were taken with my phone. Kendel and Allie had a basketball game. They did fantastic!

Reece, being silly

Ky-Ky and Hud hangin out, playing. Nothing cuter than these boys running around in their diapers and socks.

Allie and Reece. I always thought Reece looked way more like Kendel but in this pic I can definitely see a resemblance between these two.

Me and my pal Kendelicious!

The boys in a chest.

Just hanging out.

Getting antsy, ready to climb out.

Reece wanted a turn taking pics, she snapped this one of Katey. Creative angle eh?

And this one of herself.

Dinner time

Bath time!

Fun bath hair!

Plane ride home