a fun ending to a fantastic day

We had a beautiful day on Saturday. High 70's and sunshine, glorious sunshine! We have some friends in the ward that are moving so we spent a portion of the day helping them get their house ready to put on the market. Chris assisted in painting the outside of their house and they did a fantastic job. He did come away with a pretty gnarly sun burn though on the back of his calves and arms, but he was happy he could help. I don't have any pics of that... wish I did!
Later that evening though we went over to a friends to have a bbq. It was such a beautiful evening that we decided to take advantage and play in the soccer fields across from their house. The lights ended up coming on so we were able to stay out and play long after dark... way past the kiddies bedtimes! The kids were wired and had a blast running around with each other. We are so grateful to have such great friends here.
Playing on the bookshelf.


March in pictures

So I am just going to let my camera do the talking of what all went on throughout the rest of March. :) I will explain when needed. Happy April everyone!
Hudson about to suck on a rock

We celebrated his friend Ruby's 1st birthday!

Hudson and his friends Jarem and Ruby.
We went for a walk with some friends through the Wood Lake Nature Preserve... it was the first warm day we'd had in a LONG time ... turns out is was a bit slushy. We still had fun though. :)

Hudson and Ruby holding hands.

Hudson LOVES Baby Einsteins! We pull his chair front and center so he can either sit and enjoy or get up and dance!

This is so random but Chris and I made the most amazing steak and potatoes meal! Ok, so my potatoes are a bit runny... but they are still delicious! We found a recipe that calls for cooking the steak in hot water and then you sear it... SO GOOD!! I would include the like to the recipe but I don't know how to do that. If anyone wants it I will happily give it to you.

We started an Early Childhood Family Education class that our school district offers and Hudson LOVES it! We got there a little bit early and he patiently waited out side the room staring through the window until they opened the doors.

With this much hair it doesn't take much more than a nap to make it crazy!!
I just love the men in my life!

Fun at the park

He is fearless... LOVES the slides!

Hudson and I got together with some friends at the Univ. of Minnesota's Arboretum. They have a great center for educating kids on agriculture and plant life.